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  • Solutions for Temporary Workers

  • Introducing HirePAYE

    We specialise in providing employment management and payroll solutions for Temporary Workers. We manage the employment and payments for thousands of temporary workers every week. UpTempo Team have decided to transfer your employment to one of our employment partners. Rest assured all your current employment terms and continuous employment dates will remain exactly the same. UpTempo Team have chosen us as their preferred partner because:

    • We have years of experience working within the recruitment industry
    • Our infrastructure, systems and technology provide excellent service and support to Temporary Workers
    • We understand how important it is for Temporary Workers to be paid accurately and on time
    • Our focus on your employment and payments means UpTempo Team can focus on finding you the best possible assignments that match your skills

    A winning combination!

    HirePAYE Benefits

    • Full employment with one of our small independent contractors
    • Fully insured whilst on assignment
    • Dedicated call centre to assist with any queries
    • Your own personal secure online portal, accessible 24/7/365 for:
      - Payslips
      - Contracts
      - Communications
    • Faster payments
    • SMS payment notification
    • Weekly payments with standard PAYE deductions
    • Holiday pay
    • Eligibility for SSP, SMP, SPP
    • Pension auto enrolment

    In addition, UpTempo Team will be investing with Dragon Perks to ensure that the benefits package you currently have access to can be replicated.

    And all at no cost to you!


    In order to register with HirePAYE, UpTempo Team will need to share the following personal data (including sensitive data) with HirePAYE.

    • Name
    • NI Number - or proof of application
    • Nationality
    • Address
    • Tax Information
    • Proof of Right to Work
    • Tel / Mob
    • Pension Information
    • Start / End date
    • Email Address
    • Gender
    • DOB
    • Bank Details
    • Job Role
    • Contract Type / hours
    • Payroll number
    • Rate of pay
    • Weekly hours worked

    Our call centre staff will then contact you directly to confirm your registration, your personal details and the terms of your employment. Should you wish to discuss anything with HirePAYE beforehand please do not hesitate to contact our dedicated customer service team on 03303 200 997 or email: [email protected]

    Our privacy policy can be viewed or downloaded at https://hirepaye.com/privacy/.

    Consent for UpTempo Team

    Please accept my signature below as consent for UpTempo Team to share my personal data, including sensitive data, with HirePAYE so that they can register my data on their systems and organise my employment. I understand that my personal details will be shared between UpTempo Team and HirePAYE. I have read and understood the above. I understand that my contract of employment will be waiting for me to accept on my secure online portal.

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